Build Confidence through Independent Tax Audit Consulting Services

Taxation laws in Australia could be a complicated maze and any discrepancies in your business bookkeeping or tax filing, or any unknown regulatory non-compliance could flare up red flags. Instead of stressing out about how your business might fair in an Australian Taxation Office audit, it is best to build confidence in your financial system by availing independent tax audit consulting services to be well-prepared.

Here, at Hughes O’Dea Corredig, we offer such independent tax audit consulting services. We have an audit team that goes beyond checking the accuracy of your information but provides a holistic view of your business through review & analyses, presents best practices of your industry to help to refine your financial system. Our tax audit consulting services ensure the accuracy of the financial information of your business, ensure regulatory compliance before it becomes a risk and make sure all your tax papers and documentation are in order. We intend to check the financial health of your business to for soundness and also offer customised and actionable advice for improvement.

With an ATO audit, it is always best to take preventive actions, as corrective actions may cost your dearly.

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What can you expect for our Tax Audit Consulting Services?

We at Hughes O’Dea Corredig, are driven by the ethos of providing real value to our clients. With our tax audit consulting services, we wish to partner with you to not only relieve you of any troubles caused by regulatory non-compliance but to offer you improvement in your business performance and set you in the right track for growth.

We see audits as a practical opportunity to review and analyse your business and its processes. Our audit team uses high-level technology to provide a structured, risk-focused workflow, and perform a detailed analytical review of your business accounts. This gives us an objective view of your business so we can provide advice that is clear and relevant. Our tax audit consulting services areas include:

  • SMSF
  • Not for Profit Organisations
  • Legal & Real Estate Trust Accounts
  • Internal audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Australian Financial Services Licence audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagement
  • Government Grant audits

Potential purchasers will also look favourably on businesses which are subject to annual audits.Our tax audit consulting services team works closely with you to get to know your business, your environment and your people.

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Get to know our Tax Audit Consulting Services Team

Our Audit Team
Donal Ross



Since joining the team in 2013, Donald – Bachelor Business Studies (Acc), Ass. Member of ICA) manages the Audit Division at Hughes O’Dea Corredig, and brings comprehensive attention to detail and depth of knowledge of Australian accounting standards and financial reporting practices. ‘We provide a quality audit service to internal and external clients, with an ability to critically analyse the details, ensuring beneficial outcomes.’

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