Taxation laws and regulations keep changing frequently. To make sense of all the complex rules and laws you need a skilled practitioner on your side. Hughes O’Dea Corredig have been dependable and trustworthy tax accountants in Essendon for more than forty years, offering excellent tax return services along with tax planning advisory to our clients. Our team of highly skilled and qualified Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) and Chartered Accountants (CAs) have a comprehensive knowledge of Australian tax legislation. Our tax agents in Melbourne are here to help you make informed choices about tax matters affecting your business.

When engaging with an accountant in Essendon, you need to rely on their skills and expertise, which is exactly what you will get with us. Our team members have extensive experience in the accounting industry, they know how to work in a fast-paced corporate environment and take care of all your accounting needs.

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Why Do You Need The Services Of Tax Accountant In Essendon?

Proper tax planning to factor in deductions and adequate management of finances is crucial to ensuring your business is in order. As an entrepreneur or small-business owner or a salaried individual, the onus of that tax planning, to know the laws and regulation can be tedious, stressful and risky. In case something is missed, you could end up losing hard-earned money.

Our tax accountants create an effective and tailored accounting system, which they can use to track your expenses throughout the year without any hassle. You do not have to worry about all the paperwork involved in filing your taxes every year. When you engage with tax agents in Melbourne, you will be able to keep yourself updated with the latest rates and maximise the tax benefits available for your business.

Be stress-free by hiring the services of tax accountants in Essendon like us, who are well-versed in the laws and regulations. And always keep updated with changes to taxation legislation, ensure proper and sound maintenance of bookkeeping and file for tax returns duly to optimise and make it beneficial to you.

That’s where we come in.

Here, at Hughes O’Dea Corredig, as one of the leading tax accountants in Essendon, we are dedicated to safeguarding your interest while ensuring that tax filing and compliance are in order.

What Makes Us The Right Choice Of Tax Accountants In Melbourne Western Suburbs?

We firmly believe that having the support of reliable accounting services can give your business the foundation it needs to grow. Apart from on-time tax filing, the tax accountant in Essendon will help you enjoy several other financial benefits and assist you with your bookkeeping services along the way.

Our staff are at the forefront of complex tax changes and always on top of the details, so you can be assured we’ll provide the most accurate solutions and achieve the best outcomes for you. It is one of the reasons why we remain as one of the preferred tax accountants in Melbourne Western Suburbs.

Preparing income tax returns is more than maximising your refund – it should also maximise your after-tax income. Our competent tax agents in Melbourne track tax law changes year-round, so we’re always ready for your situation.

We provide a complete suite of services and advice in the following areas:

    • Preparation of Income tax returns and advice on payment of tax
    • GST requirements and preparation and advice about activity statements
    • FBT obligations and preparation of FBT returns
    • Advice on and implementation of effective structures for asset protection and tax minimisation
    • Management of any ATO Audits or disputes
    • Learn how we can minimise your tax and secure the offsets and deductions you’re entitled to.
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