Estate Planning Accountants

As an EPAdvantage practicing members, Hughes O’Dea Corredig provides you with access to exclusive estate planning insights. We highlight the important aspects for our clients to consider when it comes to building a thorough, well-informed plan. Importantly, we address why their estate planning is not so much about them, as about their family’s future well-being, and legacy. As a certified professional member of the EPAdvantage Estate Planning Program, Hughes O’Dea Corredig prides itself on caring about our clients and their families today, tomorrow, and their future. Contact us now to discuss your estate planning needs.

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Why is estate planning important

Estate planning is highly important for multiple reasons. For one, it can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to your will. Furthermore, it can help you avoid massive estate taxes while also affording a level of protection to your children. Also, the financial takeaway from estate planning is something that cannot be ignored, but this will only be effective with constant reviewing.

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