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Your local Independent SMSF Auditor Essendon

Hughes O’Dea Corredig SMSF Audit can solve your SMSF Auditor Independence issues by providing fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF audit services to SMSF Accountants, SMSF Advisers, SMSF Trustees and all Australian accounting firms.

Our Essendon SMSF Audit team provides a fast turnaround – currently our turnaround time is less than 10 days for 95% of our funds.

Established in 2007, our audit firm has a long standing reputation with accounting practices of undertaking SMSF audits in a manner that doesn’t interrupt or change that accounting firms daily processes or procedures. The SMSF audit programme is tailored to your unique work practices and workpapers, unlike other auditors that can’t adapt to anything outside the box. We work around your needs and do not have a one size fits all approach to our independent SMSF Audit work.

All SMSF audits are undertaken by our specialist SMSF Auditor expert Mr Don Ross. We do not outsource. We do not offshore. Your SMSF, your privacy, and security of your data are our top priorities. That’s why all work is undertaken in our Essendon office by Don Ross, the ASIC registered SMSF Auditor, and is not delegated to anyone else. Knowing your SMSF is being audited by a highly qualified and experienced audit professional who you can contact directly to have confidential discussions. This service offering distinguishes us as one of the best SMSF audit service providers in the marketplace.

Hughes O’Dea Corredig Audit is ready to discuss your unique situation and how it applies to APES 110 and the Independence Guide.

Call our registered ASIC SMSF Auditor Don Ross on 03 9375 4286 for a discussion today.

To download the APESB Independence Guide, click here:

Get to know your Specialist SMSF Auditor

Our Audit Team
Donal Ross



Since joining the team in 2013, Donald – Bachelor Business Studies (Acc), Ass. Member of ICA) manages the Audit Division at Hughes O’Dea Corredig, and brings comprehensive attention to detail and depth of knowledge of Australian accounting standards and financial reporting practices. ‘We provide a quality audit service to internal and external clients, with an ability to critically analyse the details, ensuring beneficial outcomes.’

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Why engage Hughes O’Dea Corredig SMSF Audit?
  • – Part of the 2020 SMSF Firm of the Year
  • – Speak to the auditor directly
  • – Specialist SMSF Auditor
  • – Decades of SMSF experience
  • – We are a local team, no outsourcing or offshoring of your information
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