Business Advisory Services Melbourne

Our qualified tax experts provide accurate and insightful financial information so you can maintain profitability and capitalise on new opportunities. With accurate record keeping, reporting and individually tailored support on financial issues, we can help you reach your goals.

The tools required for valuing businesses continue to grow. We can provide in-depth analysis to identify the factors that boost the value of your business, our experts can guide you towards business decisions with confidence.

Our professionals analyse your business needs and create flexible business structures that protect assets in a tax-effective way, to guide you along the essential steps to maintain solvency, and advise you through contraction, or rapid growth. We can assist with all your Corporate Secretarial Services from incorporation of your company to maintaining all required changes to the company’s records and dealings with ASIC.

Having the right business structure – whether a sole trader, partnership, limited company, or trust – will affect operational costs, what tax you owe, and the flexibility of equity introductions. That’s why our solutions are as individual as your business requirements.

We can assist with the purchasing of an existing business as well as business valuations and business sales as well as succession planning for family businesses.

We are able to assist with financing requirements for any business or personal needs through our association with our mortgage broker. As well as working with lawyers in relation to any legal issues that may arise from time to time.

We have the people, skills and experience necessary to create efficient and profitable businesses for our clients.

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Why Hughes O’Dea Corredig?

With fresh insights and practical advice, we can help you tackle business challenges and uncover opportunities, so you can make business decisions with confidence.

Good advice can build wealth

A little planning can go a long way, and we think of our advisers like personal guides for your money, equipped with decades of knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

Business strategy

We can help you with the small things that make a big difference. With the right adviser, a great idea can be a great business. Talk to one of our business advisory experts today.

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